MWP after school Training Opportunity for Educators

DCM 232 – Application Form

DCM 232 – MWP after school Training Opportunity for Educators

EURES Annual Seminar


Information Seminar

DCM 231 – Information Seminar for PSCD Teachers

DCM 231 – Seminar Programme

Celebrating the Teaching Profession

Dear all,

The Ministry for Education and Employment has embarked in an educational campaign to celebrate the teaching profession and show appreciation towards all members of the teaching community. The Ministry feels that it is important to celebrate the dedication and hard work of oureducation professionals.

The campaign includes TV spots as well as several other promotional video clips which can be accessed on the Edukazzjoni page on Facebook. Moreover, we invite you to visit Please circulate the website address to your respective teams, parents and students.

Share your stories and keep spreading the message.

Thank you!

Versus (Of God and Man)

Versus – of God and Man

Versus project proposal

Duke of Edinburgh International Award

SSD 44.14 Duke of Edinburgh International Award (1)

Donation of Special Leave: 27.5 hours

circ HR 155-2014 Donation of VL – Sp. Lve for Humanitarian Reasons

MSEAM Professional Development Programme

MSEAM Professional Development Session – November 2014 (1)

ECVET Cafe Sessions

Form 4 Reflective Journal

The Form 4 Reflective Journal cannot be uploaded due to technical reasons.  PSCD Teachers who require a soft copy of the Reflective Journal are to send an email to Mr. Dunstan Hamilton (EO PSCD) or Mr. Stephen Camilleri (EO PSCD)