A training session is being organized by the PSD association, see details below or go on facebook to get more information.

Details are:
Training session – Primary Prevention- Self examination
Date – 24th February 2015
Time- 5.30 till 7.30pm
Venue- National Curriculum Centre Hamrun
Speaker- Ms Joanne Farrugia from the Health Promotion Department
After the talk there will be time for discussion and time for questions.
Coffee break included
Price – 5 euro for members of MPSDA, 7 euro for non-members of MPSDAThose who are interested shall contact MPSDA on 79255070 to reserve a booking and shall then send their payment to PO BOX 10, Malta PSD Association, MSIDA.

eTwinning European Seminar 2015

DeL 2-2015 eTwinning European Seminar 2015

Meetings for Primary Peripatetic PSCD Teachers

DCM 014 – Meetings for Primary Peripatetic PSCD Teachers

Single Parenthood in Malta: Key Findings from Two Research Studies

Dear All,
The Department of Family Studies within the Faculty for Social Wellbeing at the University of Malta invites you to attend a conference entitled Single Parenthood in Malta: Key Findings from Two Research Studies. This important conference is being organized in collaboration with the Ministry for the Family and Social Solidarity which commissioned the two studies carried out over a span of three years.
The conference will be held on Friday the 23rd of January, 2015 from 9am till 3pm at theAula Magna, Valletta Campus. To book for this conference, please click on the following link:
Lone parents in Malta are increasingly on the national agenda. According to the last Census (2011) in Malta there are 10,631 single parents heading a family with at least one child under 18. These constitute 9% of all households with 2 or more persons.
In our first study entitled Improving the Quality of Life of Lone Parents in Malta a team of researchers seek to set the scene by building a more comprehensive picture of single parent families in Malta. In this ground breaking study which has surveyed the whole population of single parents whose youngest child is three, a rich and nuanced picture of single parent families will be presented which will include their particular formation and type of profile. Their sources of support, aspirations and barriers to work will also be highlighted. Most importantly a number of implications for policy and practice that are borne out of the research will be put forward. This study has been carried out by Professor Angela Abela, Dr Frank Bezzina, Ms Claire Casha and Dr Rose Marie Azzopardi.
In the second presentation, a systematic review of the important and robust studies in the international literature on Pathways to Single Parenthood will be presented. What are the crucial determinants that are more likely to lead to different types of single parenthood? What are the implications for policy and practice and how may we apply them to the local context? Professor Paul Montgomery from the Centre for Evidence Based Policy at Oxford University will be joining a local research team for this presentation. Dr Katya DeGiovanni, Professor Angela Abela, Ms Claire Casha, Dr Rita Borg Xuereb, and Dr Frank Bezzina also form part of the research team.
Conference Programme
  • 8.00-9.00:  Registration
  • 9.00-9.15: Opening Address by the Hon. Minister for the Family and Social Solidarity, Dr. Michael Farrugia
  • 9.15-10.00:Improving the Quality of Life of Lone Parents in Malta (Prof Angela Abela, Dr Frank Bezzina, Ms Claire Casha & Dr Rose M. Azzopardi)
  • 10.00-10.30: Questions from the floor
  • 10.30-11.00:Coffee break
  • 11.00–11.45: Pathways to Single Parenthood (Dr Katya DeGiovanni, Prof Angela Abela, Ms Claire Casha, Dr Rita Borg Xuereb , Dr Frank Bezzina & Prof Paul Montgomery)
  • 11.45–12.15: Questions from the floor
  • 12.15-1.15: Networking lunch
  • 1.15-2.15 Workshops
  • 2.15 -3.00 Reports from workshops
  • 3.00-3.10 Closing Address by Hon. Dr. Michael Farrugia
Kind Regards,
Ms. Claire Casha B.Psy. (Hons) (Melit.), Master in Family Studies (Melit.)
Research Officer
Department of Family Studies
Faculty for Social Wellbeing
Room 243
Old Humanities Building
University of Malta
Msida MSD 2080
Telephone: (00356) 2340 2330

Il-Milied: Żmien ta’ Solidarjeta’

MWP after school Training Opportunity for Educators

DCM 232 – Application Form

DCM 232 – MWP after school Training Opportunity for Educators

EURES Annual Seminar


Information Seminar

DCM 231 – Information Seminar for PSCD Teachers

DCM 231 – Seminar Programme

Celebrating the Teaching Profession

Dear all,

The Ministry for Education and Employment has embarked in an educational campaign to celebrate the teaching profession and show appreciation towards all members of the teaching community. The Ministry feels that it is important to celebrate the dedication and hard work of oureducation professionals.

The campaign includes TV spots as well as several other promotional video clips which can be accessed on the Edukazzjoni page on Facebook. Moreover, we invite you to visit Please circulate the website address to your respective teams, parents and students.

Share your stories and keep spreading the message.

Thank you!

Versus (Of God and Man)

Versus – of God and Man

Versus project proposal