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Cultural Variety

Qala Primary School was taking part in the Comenius Project entitled ‘Cultural Variety – a bridge between European countries.’ The objectives were to combat xenophobia and to remove prejudices and stereotypes through co-operation and friendship between European Nations. During PSD, we discussed with pupils about the importance to appreciate and respect the cultural and ethnic differences of others. Earlier this year refugees from JRS were invited to visit the school to promote understanding and solidarity towards refugees. It was an enriching experience for the students who learned why people leave their home, what it means to be a refugee, what it means to live in a safe and democratic country, and what cultural diversity and inclusion are all about.


Kindly note that the following Notices were uploaded this week on the Department of Curriculum Management website:
Notice DCM 1/2014 – Council of Europe Workshops – 2014
Notice DCM 2/2014 – Kors ghall-Genituri fuq l-Ortografija tal-Malti
Notice DCM 3/2014 – Shaping the Way We Teach English – An Open Online Course
Notice DCM 4/2014 – The Malta Dyslexia Association May 2014 Talk
Notice DCM 5/2014 – Plan and Succeed – a training seminar for employability
Notice DCM 6/2014 – T.I.E. – Mickey
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