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Drama Forum

SSD 05.15 – Drama Forum – Ara, Aħseb, Agħżel (College Principals and Secondary State Schools)

Through the Eyes of a Child

Welcome to Through the Eyes of a Child

Il-Milied: Żmien ta’ Solidarjeta’

Versus (Of God and Man)

Versus – of God and Man

Versus project proposal

Pinktober: Walk for Life….

Cultural Variety

Qala Primary School was taking part in the Comenius Project entitled ‘Cultural Variety – a bridge between European countries.’ The objectives were to combat xenophobia and to remove prejudices and stereotypes through co-operation and friendship between European Nations. During PSD, we discussed with pupils about the importance to appreciate and respect the cultural and ethnic differences of others. Earlier this year refugees from JRS were invited to visit the school to promote understanding and solidarity towards refugees. It was an enriching experience for the students who learned why people leave their home, what it means to be a refugee, what it means to live in a safe and democratic country, and what cultural diversity and inclusion are all about.

Celebrating and appreciating Diversity

Civil Protection at Nadur Primary School

Members from the Civil Protection Department were invited at Nadur Primary School in order to speak about their job.

Aims of the activity:

1) To identify ways how familiar jobs contribute to the needs of society.

2) To learn about the work carried out by the Civil Protection, equipment that they use during their work and essential work-place qualities.

3) To learn how to keep themselves safe.

Celebration Day at Xaghra Primary.

Aims of the activity:

1) To discuss about various careers.

2) To discuss stereotypes associated with certain jobs.

2) To reflect on what they would like to do when they grow up: the job they would like to choose and any other dream.

Students from Xaghra Primary School visited An Old Bakery which now is being used to bake bread and there is another section used as a Restaurant.

Aims of the activities:

1) To evaluate the importance of various jobs in the community.

2) To understand the type of work that is carried out in a bakery and in a restaurant.

3) To learn that one can make a transition in his or her career.

4) To learn about different important qualities one should have at the place of work e.g. communication skills, responsability, assertiveness, motivation, being positive and calm, reliable, showing respect,  …

4) To have the opportunity to bake a local ”Ftira.

Careers Related Activity in Gozo

On 24th of March 2014, year 5 pupils at Gozo College Ghajnsielem Primary took part in an educational visit to the Grand Hotel in the same village.  Hotel events manager Alfio Rapa  and Charlon Tabone, an ITS student showed the pupils around the hotel and explained the various skills needed for different jobs at the hotel.

Later on that week, students from Gozo College Xewkija Primary had the opportunity to visit the  factory JDB printing situated in their school surroundings.  This was also a very interesting visit.  The owner of the factory showed them around and explained in detail the process involved while printing and the new technologies used in their factory.

During both visits,  good qualities one should possess while being in a working environment were pinpointed.  Relationship and communication skills with workmates were highly emphasised together with responsability and punctuality.  The importance of life long learning was also emphasised.  Both visits were coordinated by the P.S.D. teachers Ms Karen Borg and Ms Jacqueline Camilleri and representatives from the hotel and the factory.

In relation to the same topic, Gozo College Zebbug Primary students were invited to bring any material one would use of his workplace.  It could be either of a job they like or else their own parents use of their workpalce.  The students were very well prepared when they had the opportunity to speak in front of others during a Show and Tell.  They also came up with various skills and values one needs to have while performing the job they chose to talk about.