Drama: Dyslexia and Self-Esteem

Drama: Dyslexia and Self-Esteem – A Performance Ethnography Experience
(audience: over 15 years)

Dyslexia does not only affect the academic component of learning – literacy, but also emotional well-being. Far too often, the experience of dyslexia at school has clear and demonstrable negative effects on the self concept and self esteem of children. Dyslexia, or rather how students with a profile of dyslexia are supported or not supported at school and in general, affects learning, performance, self esteem and quality of life. These research findings were very eloquently brought to life through Matthew Scurfield’s partly autobiographical performance ethnography. This performance has three aims:

  • raising awareness that far too often, the experience of students with dyslexic at school, given the ‘closed’ too-academically oriented curriculum in our local community and the messages given to these students due to a lack of understanding of their abilities and needs  may be negative
  • the importance of self esteem and its role in students’ and future adults’ quality of life and effective living in the community
  • drama can be a positive experience for students with dyslexia as well as help them develop a positive self esteem.

The performance will be held on Saturday 19 March at 1100hrs in the University Chapel, Msida Campus and is part of week’s programmce of Discover University!

The University of Malta is inviting everyone – young and not so young, alumni and prospective students, friends and families of current students and staff, and members of the public – to a week of exciting activities intended to showcase our country’s 400 year old institution. Visitors can explore what goes on within campus from Monday 14 to Saturday 19 March 2011. These dates are going to be chock-a-block with activities tailored to entertain and inform participants. Middlesea Insurance p.l.c. is sponsoring this event. Discover University  will show the University’s many facets through a number of themes including: Courses; Research; Faculties & Departments/Institutes/Centres; Junior College; Student Life; Sports; Cultural Activities; The Library; Administration; Alumni; Malta University Holding Company and the Malta University Press.

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