Drawing Competition for students

The Commission on Domestic Violence together with the Office of the Commissioner for Children would like to organise a drawing competition among students in State, Church, and Independent schools in Malta and Gozo, with age-oriented themes.   Therefore, the following themes are being proposed:

§  Year 4 to year 6:  My Family

§  Form 1 to form 2: Harmony at Home

§  Form 3 to form 5:  (Draw) A Mascot Against Domestic Violence

The main aim of the drawing competition is to promote healthy relationships and to engage the students in the campaign on domestic violence.  This competition would be part of an on-going campaign as well as to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women (25th November).

It is being proposed that the winning pictures will be used for an awareness raising campaign against domestic violence during 2016.

The winning picture will be:

§  published as awareness raising posters for schools, and any other possible material, as a continuous awareness raising among all children

§  may be used for the Commission on Domestic Violence’s national campaign 2016, beyond the school premises

Prizes for the best three drawings will be given in the three categories that are mentioned above.

Conditions for participation:

The drawing should be:

–  A3 size

–  In pencil/colour

–  Original (Plagiarised drawings will be disqualified)

–  Include author’s name and surname

–  Age

– School and home address

– Include a disclaimer signed by the student and the parent/guardian permitting the publication of the picture for awareness raising

It is being suggested that the topic is discussed during the PSCD lesson and during art lessons.  Therefore, a child-friendly version regarding the topic will be provided for dissemination among PSCD and Art teachers.

The Commission on Domestic Violence and the Office of the Commissioner for Children would like to have these competitions launched at the end of September 2015.  The closing date for the submission of the art work would be the 5th of November, 2015.

We trust that the request for this initiative will be upheld by the Directorate for Educational Services and we look forward to receive a positive reply.

Thank you in advance.

Dr Yana Micallef Stafrace


Commission on Domestic Violence

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