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The many tastes of St Paul's Primary School

Video: Paul Spiteri Lucas

Pupils at St Paul's Primary gave diversity a practical meaning this morning when they transformed their classes into 14 mini-countries and the school's hall into a food-tasting experience of delicacies from the 24 countries they come from, including Malta.

PSD teacher Catherine Micallef told timesofmalta.com that the school, together with PSD teachers, decided to go practical on the issue of diversity, a subject in the PSD curriculum, especially since more than 100 of the school's 800 students came from 24 different countries.

So the 14 Year 4, 5 and 6 classes were each given a country to work upon and they had to transform their classroom into that country with posters, colours, presentations and power points. They even had to prepare dance and celebrations to perform to their school colleagues.

This morning they had to turn up at school in the costume or colours of "their" country and tell their colleagues all about the country's traditions, uniqueness and culture.

The parents of the foreign students were also invited to celebrate unity in diversity and all welcomed the opportunity to cook their country's dishes and present them for tasting in the school corridor.

Some mothers were at school to start the cooking from as early as 4 a.m.

Ms Micallef said the initiative was very well received and the school would like to hold the activity again next year even extending it to the younger classes.

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M. Cauchi(4 days, 8 hours ago)
The idea of widening the child's knowledge is good! Well done for that! But are we aware of the many cons of 'diversity' in existence in St Paul's Bay?? What about community life and the sense of belonging a person usually feels in a town/village?!
Carmen Azzopardi(4 days, 9 hours ago)
As an ex worker in this school I can verify that that the aim of this school has always been to welcome and integrate all the non Maltese in the community. Special thanks to the Administration and teachers who are totally dedicated to teaching the children under their guidance to be better persons.Good work Keep it up
Lina Sheldon(4 days, 10 hours ago)
Lina Sheldon

May I take the opportunity to congratulate Ms Deguara, all the members of her staff, the children and the parents for organising such an activity. I'm sure it entailed great preparation to achieve such a pleasant result. Well done to one and all for their dedication towards providing such a healthy atmosphere in the school.
Julia Smith(4 days, 18 hours ago)
Dear A.Spiteri . With today's generation the only thing that will keep these kids going is PSD. It is the only subject where they speak their opinion and for an hour live as normal Kids ! They are so brainwashed by today's technology and books that when they go home they find books again . About sports yes i agree with you in malta sports is not one of the most important subjects school think of which is wrong as today children prefer playstations rather than sports ! They should promote more sports . But this activity was outstanding .
Jimmy John M Vella(4 days, 21 hours ago)
Very well done for this initiative!
SO proud of my old school!
Words cannot tell :)
M. Gauci(4 days, 21 hours ago)
Well done. I am really happy that an event like this is celebrated so creatively . I am also pleased that the parents were participants thus giving a good example to the children. Besides promoting unity in diversity the children are being educated in a more holistic way. Again well done and keep it up.
Paul Borg(4 days, 22 hours ago)
What a great initiative!! It would be nice to see such activities being held in Church Schools as well. My children go to a church school and I must say that learning is still very traditional there. Children need to feel involved... it makes learning more fun and long lasting.
joe calleja(4 days, 21 hours ago)
if you are not pleased with the school you children go to, change the school but stop complaining. my children go to a church school and of these activities they have on a monthly basis so much so that it almost detracts their attention from their studies.
Paul Busuttil(5 days ago)
It is hearsay that this School is being given to a contractor in part exchange for building an other school in the area????????????????
D Vella(5 days ago)
What a great idea prosit .. a celebration to a strong world full of diversity, these are some great PSD teachers
marthese mussett(4 days, 19 hours ago)
True.my children used to attend this school and they have nice memories,keep it up.
ASpiteri(5 days, 1 hour ago)
using schools to push the diversity agenda!

the educational system has been literally hijacked by the liberal ruling elite in order to brainwash the next generation with their poisonous venom!

Instead of creating healthy body and minds...students are turning themselves into mere subjects of these social engineers!
J. J. Borg(5 days ago)
A. Spiteri: it's called seeing the positive aspects of life. You should try it.
I Borg(5 days ago)
A Spiteri: so tell us what is your agenda. I suspect you didnt like the Moroccan class at all and perhaps the one from Congo as well. I think you should just go back to school.
Frank Cini(4 days, 23 hours ago)
Poison? Venom? Talk of projection!
ASpiteri(4 days, 20 hours ago)
this farse is the fruit of the new cool subject called PSD!

the fact is that PSD is no subject at all, but only a tool for the social engineers to impose their agenda on young children and to mould the upcoming generation inline with their utopia!

PSD should be abolished tomorrow from all schools and those hours presently wasted on this so called subject should be utilised for more important activities, such as competitive sports!
Moses Mula(4 days, 20 hours ago)
So A.Spiteri, explain to us what you find wrong with cultures acceprting, respecting and sharing with other cultures. And you would not even know the meaning of the concept liberal if it hit you in the face. Just throwing this word around and using it as an insult makes you only look idiotic.
On a different note, I think what has been done at this school is exemplary. We have to teach the next generation about the beauty in diversity so they will hopefully improve our society and do not turn into Lowell disciples.
ASpiteri(4 days, 19 hours ago)
u need to understand the difference between teaching and brainwashing!

i bet that most of you applauding this historical initiative were all students of some school like St Aloysius… the country’s centre of excellence for this regard!
chris2 tonna(5 days, 1 hour ago)
such a great innovating idea, hope it will be more frequent to see these kind of events in our schools.., great work
Maria Fenech(5 days, 1 hour ago)
Well done to the School. I'm sure this Diversity event would be well received in other school and secondary classes aswell.


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